Do you want to be an actor of your life, not a spectator?

You want to act in society instead of observing?

Come to the theatre!


"Theatre for Dialogue" is Ukrainian non-profit NGO. Due to our activities civil and union activists, members of discriminated groups and people aiming at social innovation by the means of theatre discuss oppressions that they face. Together we find individual strategies and systemic solutions for issues that hurt.


13 projects
192 events
48 cities
≈ 5 300 people
106 partner organisations
$62 600 donated
₴48 000 donated as crowd-funding


Forum Theatre is very good format because it allows not only to discuss current problems, but also enables people with disabilities directly to voice their position and build dialogue with the authorities to seek common solutions.


Aksana Filipishyna, Representative of the Commissioner children's rights, non-discrimination and gender equality

You can define democracy, but you can not tell people how to be democratic, they have to experience it as a living process. “Theater for Dialogue” gives people the chance to practice empathy and build a personal understanding of democracy.

Tristan Masat, Solidarity Center Ukraine

In my organization we do work related to social integration of IDPs. Well, I see Forum Theatre as one of the most effective tools for social integration and dialogue.


Svetlana, CrimeaSOS (Kiev-Torez)

Theatre for Dialog